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Worldwide Resource is an innovative, informed and international strategic partner dedicated to performance improvement in, and across, the world of travel and hospitality.

At Worldwide Resource we have a proven ability to deliver first class results globally, on time and to budget in disciplines that impact right across the travel and hospitality industries.

Worldwide Resource offers an integrated service.

What does an integrated service mean for your project?

Worldwide Resource can take a project from an idea through to development, funding, customer identification, marketing, construction, pre and post opening and finally we can run your resort or hotel.

This is true integration…… normally these types of project require different companies providing specialists. We offer in effect a global “one stop shop”. Your project will not suffer from lost communication or suppliers working against each other.

Worldwide Resource has created an unparalleled offering in integrated services to ensure you success in your project.

We offer the benefits of specialisation allied to the economies of integration.

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